Harry Willd - Producer / DIRECTOR / DoP

You’ll normally find Harry behind a camera somewhere, pointing at one, or perhaps looking up at the one he’s flying. Either way, he’s happier on one side of the lens only.



Born creative, grew more creative, will stay creative.

 That does sound a bit pretentious doesn’t it.

Nevertheless, it’s true.  As well as creative, life (cruelly?) also made me very logical – and I spent much of my former years in IT, ending up as Head of IT for Europe and the Middle-East for a Global Finance Company.   But that’s history, that was just a huge curve-ball. That life died.  This one began.

It all started in the North Wales town of St Asaph, where I was born, and I continued to live in North Wales until I was nineteen, whence I upped sticks and moved to London. After ‘enjoying’ the wonderful air in the London Underground for many, many years, I upped sticks again in the opposite direction, and moved back to Wales to pursue a creative career.

So yeah, I’m ‘Harry’ (also known as ‘Will’ in many, many circles), and I’m lucky to have worked with many of the World’s most prominent broadcasters and filmmakers in recent years, which has facilitated a surge of growth in my own creative side, goaded on and on by working on international productions produced by some international superstars.

You’ll normally find me behind a camera somewhere, or perhaps looking up at the one I’m flying. Either way, I’m definitely happier on the rear side of the lens.

I generally try and live by the “Who Dares Wins” and “Fortune Favours the Brave” mantras. But only in situations where I’m not being shot at or in a life-threatening situation, then it’s more “Circle the wagons” or just simply “Let’s run Away”.

I’ll just finish with “I’m just a regular guy”. Find me with my flat cap, builders tea, and ill-fitting clothes.


Very Recent Work:

The New Girl - Thriller / Suspense Film - Cinema Festival Circuit

The Ballad of Lucy Sands - Netflix Series

The Real Eastenders - CH4

Bentalls Centre - Corporate

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